I have two requests. The first one is for the Czech pharmaceutics. Can anybody tell me how much tablets I should take from the picture below? They always take the doctor receipt and a pencil scrawl is all you get. For the pharmaceutical industry I would expect a printed label or something similar so it is clear how much medicine you should take.


The second request is for the Czech Sdružené inkaso plateb obyvatelstva (SIPO). This is a typical Czech pre-printed transaction form on which several payments can be combined. The goal is to eliminate the individual transaction costs. Some banks in the Czech republic offer costless transactions now so this eliminates the need for this but that’s a different story. My point is that this SIPO form is dropped without any envelope in your mailbox just as can be seen below. All personal data can be seen by the postman. A bit more attention to privacy like with the payroll slip would be great.